Special member pricing available on filters
CAT filters are designed for the demands of dairy farming — and for a limited time, DFA members can receive exclusive savings on air and liquid filters purchased through the Member Savings Network. To take advantage of this special offer, present a completed form to your CAT dealer at the time of purchase.

May MEMBERUpdate
Read about how DFA’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the farm in this month’s issue of MEMBERUpdate, located in the DFA Information section under the Resources tab.

Call DFA Financing for more information on spring loans
As you hit the busy season, remember that DFA Financing has programs available to help you finance crop inputs and new equipment purchases. Provided by Agri-Max Financial Services, we offer operating loans that provide flexibility when negotiating purchases, as well as fixed-rate equipment loans.

Learn more about this program.

MPP prices, payment announced
Margin Protection Program (MPP) component prices for corn, alfalfa hay, soybean meal and all milk were released. Combined with the January milk-feed margin, the average actual dairy production margin for the consecutive two-month period of January and February is $7.9955. As a result, a payment will go to producers who elected the $8 coverage level.

A calculator to help calculate your on-farm margin and other MPP resources are available under Farm Bill Resources.

FDA survey confirms safety of milk
A drug residue survey of nearly 2,000 dairy farms by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that more than 99 percent of the milk samples were residue-free. Information on preventing drug residues, including NMPF’s 2015 Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention manual, is available in the Gold Standard Dairy section under the Resources tab.

DFA Grazing video series explains how to manage your pasture
Learn how to best manage your grazing pasture in this short video featuring DFA Grazing consultant Mike Lamborn. The video is part of a seven-part series entitled Grazing 101, and offers simple hints and best practices that can help you manage your pasture.